Accessible Games

Star Trek:

The Final Conflict

Alfa 3

It is the Federation’s darkest hour. A race of shape-shifting changelings known as the, “Founders,” have sent several Jem’hadar warships in to the Alfa quadrant to concore the Federation. The Cardassian Union and the Breen have joined the Dominion, and now the Federation is facing defeat. Order your ship to red alert and all hands to battle stations as you lead the Federation against the worst enemies known in the galaxy. Will you be successful, or will it be the final conflict.


As time goes on, more games have been adapted so that more people can play them. You can bet that the next step is an accessible mobile casino.

  1. Completely self voicing. No screen reader required after installation.
  2. Three experience levels of game play, and one optional level for expert gamers.
  3. Several easy one key commands, and drop down spoken menus.
  4. Built using Microsoft’s 1.1 .net framework and DirectX 9.0C technologies.
  5. Actual sound effects from the Star Trek movies and television series.

System requirements

  1. Microsoft DirectX 9.0C or better.
  2. Microsoft’s .net framework version 1.1.43 or better.
  3. Microsoft Windows installer 2.0 or better.
  4. Microsoft Windows 98 SE or better. Windows XP Service Pack 2 or better recommended.
  5. At least 64 MB of ram. More than 128 MB of ram recommended.
  6. At least 45 MB or better free hard drive space.
  7. At least a 333 MHZ processor or better.
  8. A 4.1 or 5.1 multichannel stereo sound card. A 5.1 multichannel sound card recommended.
  9. Either a set of stereo speakers or stereo head phones.