About USA Games

One of the best things about the emergence of the internet is that it has helped people from all backgrounds to have fun. If you have poor sight or restricted vision, you could suffer in choosing the right site but help is at hand to ensure you make the most of Gambling online opportunities.

In 1985 USA Games president and founder, Thomas Ward, discovered he had an eye disease called Optic Atrophy. Over the following years the disease damaged his optic nerves leaving Thomas blinded for life. However, prier to losing his vision he had time to enjoy many classic video games including such titles as: Packman, Space Invaders, Double Dragon, Star Wars, Tomb Raider, and more. He dreamed one day to make his own games he himself could play even though he was blind.

In the fall of 1997 Thomas Ward entered college at Wright State University located in Dayton Ohio. While at Wright State Thomas began taking courses in computer science. Two of his favorite fields were software design and computer network administration. He knew almost from the beginning he wanted to design software made for people with blindness and other physical disabilities.

In the spring of 2004 Thomas ward founded USA Games Entertainment. A privately owned online game company dedicated to making audio games for the blind and low vision driven by sound rather than graphics. His first accessible audio game for Microsoft Windows was Final Conflict, and soon many more were in production as well

In the spring of 2006 USA Games took over production of Alchemy Game Studios’ Montezuma’s Revenge and Raceway projects.Both projects have increased interest in USA Games’s products, and have been updated with new features, sound effects, ideas, and have been made better than before.

In addition to games USA Games founder, Thomas Ward, has been active in the testing, research, and development of open source accessibility technologies for FreeBSD, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. In the future USA Games plans to target the open source operating systems with games, support, and new access technologies.

As well as president and founder, Thomas Ward, USA Games has a wide range of private testers, sound designers, and others who voluntarily help out to improve our products. We look forward to the years to come serving the blind and low vision community with high-quality games and other accessible technologies.