Welcome to USA Games Interactive, (a division of Universal Screen Access Solutions.) USA Games Interactive is dedicated to delivering the most advanced, top of the line, high quality accessible games for blind and low vision gamers. All of our products are fully accessible to people with little to no usable vision, are self-voicing, and have realistic sounding audio environments. We feature games with a variety of game devices including standard keyboards, joysticks, mice, and other game devices.

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USA Games Products

Get ready gamers to take command of the most powerful fleet in the galaxy. Power up the warp drive and arm the phasers for warp speed action as you lead the United Federation of Planets to victory in Star Trek Final Conflict 1.2.

Final Conflict is a strategic turn-based game where you, the player, will command a total of 5 top of the line starships and two starbases against the Cardassians, Klingons, Romulans, and Borg. Find out if you have what it takes to lead the Federation to victory, or will it be your final conflict.

Welcome to, “Mysteries Of The Aztecs,” a new and exciting fast action side-scroller from USA Games Interactive. In this treasure hunting adventure you must guide your character hero, Angela Summers, through several eerie and mysterious underground Aztec temples searching for gold, gems, and other lost treasures. You will have to avoid such deadly traps as burning fire, pits filled with boiling lava, electric force fields, vanishing platforms, and burning ropes. You must fight or flee several creatures including giant spiders, rattle snakes, and sword wielding skeleton warriors. Along the way you will gather such treasures as gold coins, gems, swords, colored keys, and torches to light your way.

Start your engines and brace yourself for high speed action in USA Raceway.

USA Raceway is unlike any accessible Racing game on the market. This fully accessible heart pounding racing game places you in a realistic stock car racer moving at 215 MPH with realistic physics, support for driving wheels and other gaming devices, a high quality 3D audio environment, and more. You will be able to run racing qualifiers, and compete in the seasonal races for the grand championship. You will be able to unlock extra trophies, keep track of your highest season scores, and watch your season standings.

Play USA Raceway at and enjoy hours of gaming pleasure.

USA Games News


Important notice to USA Games customers. It has come to our recent attention that we have run into some copyright issues with Montezuma’s Return. In order to avoid any and all copyright issues we have elected to rename Montezuma’s Return to Mysteries Of the Aztecs, and have added it to our new Tomb Hunter series.

We would like to also state there is no reason to worry about this transition. All of your current product keys, product registration, tech support, etc for Montezuma’s Return will be valid for Mysteries of the Aztecs. Mysteries of the Aztecs is a free upgrade for current Montezuma’s Return product owners.


USA Games has officially become a download mirror for PB-Games game titles. Visit our download center to get such games as Dark Destroyer, Tarzan Junior, Duck Blaster, and more.